Carpets are a significant investment and like anything of value, benefit from being professionally maintained. Carpets can be thought of as the lungs of the house as they filter pollutants, allergens and improve air quality. Regular cleaning not only extends the life and enhances the appearance of your investment but improves the environment in which you and your family live.

Our carpet cleaning process

Carpet cleaning begins with a professional audit and inspection to ascertain the construction, fibre type and dye stability of your carpet. Following this, any areas that require special attention will be identified. Combining this knowledge with your individual requirements, we can tailor the perfect cleaning process for your needs.

The Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Co offer a full breadth of cleaning approaches, from intensive carpet restoration, lower moisture methods, through to completely dry cleaning.

Our environmentally, child and pet friendly solutions will leave no residues in your carpet that can damage the fibre and promote further soiling.

The equipment and processes used truly revitalise and refresh your carpets and ensure minimal drying time and the complementary deodorising service will ensure all your senses are satisfied.


This is the perfect time to have your carpet treated with our specialist carpet protector.

This water based solution of fluoro-chemical nano-particles forms a water and oil repellent barrier on porous surfaces meaning spots and spills will be easier to remove, lowering the chance of permanent staining and excessive wear, preserving that freshly cleaned look.

Our professional carpet cleaning is available in Plymouth, Tavistock, Launceston, Liskeard, Callington and surrounding areas.