14/08/18 Miss-selling stain protection.

One thing that really disappoints us in this industry is when we deal with clients that have been sold something they don't need and will not work. Stain protection treatments will not adhere to polypropylene!! Our stain protection treatment is the industry leader and gets superb results when treating wool carpets, other synthetic carpets (though these are now rare) and a range of fabric types after upholstery cleaning, even it cannot bond properly to polypropylene. So it is frustrating when we speak to clients that have previously paid for a stain protection treatment on their polypropylene carpet. Polypropylene is hydrophobic, meaning it will not accept water, that stain protection treatment you just paid for.....has just slipped off and is sat in your carpet backing or sub-floor.
How do you know if you have a polypropylene carpet? Take a single fibre and ball it up as tight as you can, push it to the bottom of a glass of water, if it is polypropylene, it'll float to and remain at the top.