17/08/18 Stain treatment, no scrubbing!

When a spillage or stain occurs, it is tempting to get in there and be as aggressive as possible with some hot water and whatever you can get your hands on. Try to take a deep breath, in a great many cased when we complete a stain removal job, there is some remaining damage in the pile from a clients initial removal attempt. Scrubbing is very abrasive and can be damaging to fibres leaving a freyed look. Take a dry white cloth or tower and gently roll across the stain with your fingers, this will protect the carpet and not drive the stain or spillage deeper into the carpet. Though we here at The Upholstery & Carpet Co do not recommend the vast majority of "over the counter" stain removal solutions, if you do insist on using one, again do not scrub. Once the stain removal solution has been applied, tap the mark with a clean brush to best penetrate the fibres. Use cold water, as hot can set some stains. Of course the best solution is to call a specialist carpet and upholstery cleaner to treat the stain for you!